Traditional Crafts

The methods & spirit of artisans preserve traditional culture in Fukui,home to avariety of ancient & traditional crafts.

Echizen Uchihamono

Echizen UchihamonoEchizen Uchihamono is the term given to cutlery made using time-honored Japanese forging techniques. Kitchen knives, sickles, and scissors are among the main products.

Echizen Washi (Japanese paper)

Echizen Washi (Japanese paper)Fukui’s Echizen Washi has a delicacy and softness rare among all Japanese paper. Its uses include Japanese-door ornamentation and interior decorating.

Echizen Yaki (pottery)

Echizen Yaki (pottery)Echizen Yaki is a popular type of earthenware famed for its simplicity and earthy tones. Its popularity lies in its characteristic ability to dissolve into any surrounding.

Echizen Shikki (lacquer ware)

Echizen Shikki (lacquer ware)Bewitchingly coated in jet black or vermilion red, detailed with gold or silver metal powder and inlaid with gold, Echizen lacquer lacquer embodies culture and refinement.

Wakasa Nuri (lacquer)

Wakasa Nuri (lacquer)Used in decorating seashells, eggshells, pine needles, etc. Wakasa lacquer uses whites, reds, greens, and yellows, among other colors to convey a lively florid mood.

Wakasa Agate

Wakasa AgateAgate from Wakasa stands proud with its red, semi-transparent sparkle and artisan’s delicate workmanship.

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