Production Industry

Eye-wear Production

Eye-wear ProductionUtilizing the world's leading technology,Fukui Prefecture produces 98% of the glass frames produced in Japan

Chemical Production

In addition to textile fabrics and industrial synthetic fibers, medicinal products, surfactants, etc. all rank among the prefecture’s products.

Hair care productsApplying Surfactant-Active Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology (Hair care products)

Hair care productsThe prefecture continues to produce unprecedented, multi-functional plastic-based materials. Additionally, recent years have increased our dedication to environmentally sound production methods.

New material made using a sawdust-plastic compound

Textile Industry

The textile industry represents the core of Fukui’s industry. Fukui’s textiles are used in clothing, automotive interiors, agriculture, public works, construction, medicine, aviation and space industries, etc.

Car Seating & Lace

Car Seating Lace

Machinery Industry

From fabric-production machines to machine tools, Fukui supplies the world with a wide array of machinery and parts.

Electronic Parts & Fabric-production machines

Electronic Parts Fabric-production machines

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