A clean environment, raw materials, and hearty people are the foundations of Fukui's industry.

Fukui's industry, including textiles, eye-ware, machinery, traditional industrial arts etc., continually aims to keep up with the changing times, remaining at the forefront of industrial-technological advances.

Cutting Edge Technology

Educational-Industrial Collaborative Research

Educational-Industrial Collaborative ResearchThe products of this research include the world's first oscillating laser technology and ultra-lightweight, ultra-durable carbon fiber, currently used in over 10 satellites orbiting the earth.

Technology Center

Technology CenterResearch and development, experiments and testing, introduction of new products, conferences, etc. are all regularly conducted in order to accommodate the machinery, textiles, eye-wear, etc.,-related technological requirements of all prefectural industries.

Wakasa Bay Energy Research Center

Wakasa Bay Energy Research CenterAs a base for the spreading of energy-related information from Fukui to the world, Wakasa Bay Energy Research Center advances forward with cutting edge research and development.

Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power PlantsFukui is home to several nuclear power plants, supplying approximately half of all the electricity used in the greater Kansai (western) region of Japan.

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