Health & Welfare

The prefecture is continuously working to provide an environment supportive of all those who can benefit from social assistance such as working women and the children responsible for our future.


Fukui Health and Longevity

Both Fukui Prefecture’s men and women have Japan’s second longest life expectancy.

The prefecture is active in using seniors’wisdom and experience in every aspect of society.

Dance Meet & IT Lessons

Dance Meet Dance Meet

Quality Medical Treatment

The prefecture strives to accurately respond to the increasingly difficult and varied needs of the patient.

Prefectural Hospital

Prefectural Hospitalt

  • 12 Floors, 2 Basement Levels
  • 679 Beds in the Main Ward, 400 Beds in the Psychiatry Ward
  • 30 Departments


Fukui’s spirit lies in her women

The women of our prefecture, home to the country’s largest percentage of dual income households, are among the country’s most diligent workers. Fukui supports women with childcare and lifestyle concerns.

Machinaka Kids’ Room.

Many of Fukui's public institutions and buildings are equipped with baby rooms.

Angel Land Fukui

Angel Land Fukui

A Fukui for all People

A Fukui for all PeopleThe prefecture seeks to construct an environment that allows disabled people peace of mind and a chance to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

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