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From downtown stores to large scale shopping malls, Fukui’s commercial industry offers a large variety to fulfill all of your consumer needs!

Shopping Center

A quick trip out to the suburbs will bring you to shopping center paradise!

Minami Aoyama 291

Minami Aoyama 291Right at home in Tokyo’s posh Aoyama area, Minami Aoyama 291 displays Fukui local specialty products, arts and crafts.

Gallery Motomachi

Gallery Motomachi, where shops take history and culture, surrounds the shopper with its original atmosphere and designs.


Fukui’s trade activity focuses on textile, machinery, and eye-wear export, and Aluminum ore and machinery import, with China and other Asian countries constituting Fukui’s principal trade partners.

Exports by Item 2011(In thousands of yen)
Weaving Textiles 42,118,645
Machinery, Electronic Goods 107,145,059
Optical, Precision Machinery and Goods, Musical Instruments 21,228,934
Base Metals 15,895,905
Chemical Industry products 27,442,507
Others 16,270,485
Total 230,101,535
Imports by Item 2011(In thousands of yen)
Weaving Textiles 12,957,198
Machinery, Electronic Goods 24,094,551
Optical, Precision Machinery and Goods, Musical Instruments 5,547,936
Base Metals 8,870,378
Chemical Industry products 94,350,362
Others 10,912,153
Total 156,732,578
Regional exports/imports 2011(In millions of yen)
Asia 171,654,650 142,321,396
Europe 21,877,263 2,740,761
North America 21,290,652 5,509,959
Central and South America 2,859,694 2,800
Africa 405,463 677,771
Oceania 367,729 3,656,471
Middle East 5,536,084 38,920
Anonymous 6,110,000 1,784,500
Total 230,101,535 156,732,578
Exports-Top countries(In millions of yen)
China 51,156,314
Philippines 31,767,231
Malaysia 20,084,487
USA 19,980,325
Thailand 18,874,570
South Korea 14,347,977
Hong Kong 8,814,867
Germany 6,456,280
Viet Nam 6,083,531
Singapore 5,877,265
Total 183,442,847
Imports-top countries(In millions of yen)
China 124,120,454
South Korea 4,574,514
Canada 4,475,368
Australia 3,656,471
Viet Nam 3,629,991
Hong Kong 3,120,882
Thailand 2,417,880
Indonesia 1,580,569
Russia 1,055,197
USA 1,034,591
Total 149,665,917

Tsuruga Harbor

Being the closest port to Japan's two main coastal economic centers (the Kinki region of Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara and the Chuukyou region consisting of Nagoya and environs), availed with a traffic network featuring ample highway and rail connections,Tsuruga Harbor is an invaluable asset to domestic freight transport.

Overseas freight and cargo are also well handled with established sea routes linking Tsuruga Harbor to South Korea's Ulsan and Pusan, as well as to China's Dandong, Dalian, Qingtao, and Tianjin.

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