Fukui Brands

Fukui brand Spring Water

Pure quality spring water is the foundation of fine dining, and Fukui is fed by an abundance of famous, pure flows.

Petite, white soba (buckwheat) flowers bloom all over the prefecture from the end of summer through fall.

Echizen Oroshi Soba: the secret to long life

Echizen Oroshi SobaFukuiā€™s delicacy, soba noodles (buckwheat noodles), are covered in oroshi (grated Japanese white radish) and dashi (a light soup stock) and eaten chilled. It is thought that healthy portions of this dish lend Fukui residents their longevity.


KoshihikariFukui prefecture is famous throughout all of Japan for its rice.Prefecture-wide harvesting begins the end of August

Fukui Sake:delicious water, delicious rice

SakeDelicious water and rice,the natural milieu unaltered by man, make Fukui's sake simply the best.

Fruity Tomatoes: Koshi Rubies

Fruity Tomatoes: Koshi Rubies

Having high sugar content and an unusually appealing taste, Fukui tomatoes can even be enjoyed as a dessert.

From the Sea

Echizen Gani(crab)

Echizen Gani(crab)Echizen crabs, which are caught where the warm currents and cold currents meet in the open sea off the Echizen Coast, retain a full and fatty flavor leaving all those who dare to enjoy it speechless.

Wakasa Sole & Sweet Shrimp

Wakasa Sole Sweet Shrimp

Saba Sushi

Saba SushiThe Wakasa region offering marine products to Kyoto has produced many specialties. Representative of these is a type of sushi with wherein mackerel.

Wakasa Fugu (Blowfish)

Wakasa FlatfishBlowfish is the Wakasa region's winter delicacy. Fugu is a slender fish with a firm body, lending it a resilient texture; Wakasa Fugu brand is the norm.

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