Fukui Prefecture Outline

Landform of FukuiFukui prefecture is located near the center of the Japan Sea Coast, with Tsuruga City’s eastern section dividing the northern Reihoku area (formerly called Echizen) from the southern Reinan area (formerly called Wakasa).

Fukui prefecture has four distinct seasons with winter’s north-westerly winds bringing heavy precipitation, making her a very moist place blessed with abundant water resources. Additionally, with her entire coastline being designated a quasi-national park our Fukui is truly one prefecture but many lands, a place of myriad natural wonders.

Fukui Data
Population 772,551people (2019.2.1)
Area 4,190.52km2 (2018)
Annual Mean Temperature 14.78 degrees centigrade (1989-2018)
Annual Mean Rainfall 2,307.03mm (1989-2018)
Per Capita Income 3,195 thousand yen (2015)
Prefectural Budget (general accounts) 4,633 hundred million yen (2019)
Gross Prefectural Domestic Product 32,333 hundred million yen (2015)

Nature & Tourism


cherry blossomsThe famous banks of Fukui’s Asuwa River, lined with cherry blossoms, are included in Japan’s 100 Sakura Views.


mizushimaEnjoy Fukui’s resort island of Mizushima, surrounded in beautiful, crystal clear waters filled with beachgoers.


Kuzuryu LakeSurrounded in abundant nature, the emerald waters of Kuzuryu Lake reflect the brightly colored autumn leaves as far as the eye can see.


Echizen shorelineBlooming proudly in the face of the cold winds sweeping in off the Japan Sea, daffodils cover the Echizen shoreline, giving Fukui the single largest gathering in all of Japan.

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